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Introducing the SMG hobbing machine exclusively from  MTB. This next-generation machine offers unsurpassed value and performance delivering high speed, high precision and high quality hobbing at a fraction of the price and fully backed by MTB's world-renowned service & support. Available in 210mm to 410mm with numerous different configurations and options. All machines include dual process hobbing capable of cutting wet or dry.  Please send us an email for more information on this new and exciting machine lineup poised to take the market by storm! 

We're still updating the website to have these machines added so be patient, it should be running with this machine data soon.


SH 210 General Specifications
Capacity Metric Inch
Max Workpiece  350 mm 13.8 Inches

Max. Workpiece With Loader 210 mm 8.3 Inches
Max Module 6 Mod 4.2 DP
Max Table Speed 300 RPM
Table Diameter 240 mm 9.4 Inches
Base Fixture Diameter 130 mm 5.1 Inches

Hob Head
Max Hob Diameter 180 mm 7.1 Inches
Max Hob Length 220 mm 8.7 Inches
Max Hob Speed 2000 RPM
Max Hob Shift 200 mm 7.9 Inches
Hob Head Swivel 45 deg.
Hob Arbor taper BT #40
Hob Spindle Power Normal 12 kW 16.1 HP
Hob Spindle Power Peak 16 kW 21.5 HP

Working Range
X Axis Travel Min 15 mm 0.6 Inches
X Axis Travel Max 285 mm 11.2 Inches
Z Axis Travel Min 200 mm 7.9 Inches
Z Axis Travel Max 570 mm 22.4 Inches
Tailstock Min 265 mm 10.4 Inches
Tailstock Max 665 mm 26.2 Inches

Traversing Speeds
X Axis 12 m/min 472 Inch/min
Z Axis 12 m/min 472 Inch/min
Y Axis 5 m/min 197 Inch/min

Other Specifications
Number of CNC Axes 6
CNC Control Options Fanuc 0i-MF, Siemens 828, 840Dsl
Full Splash Guard Closed Top
Length 2741 mm 107.9 Inches
Width 2830 mm 111.4 Inches
Height 2970 mm 116.9 Inches
Weight 9500 kg 20944 lbs.
Voltage 230 VAC
Frequency 50/60 Hz

Standard Features
Torque table design
Anti-Backlash Hob Head drive
Wet and Dry cutting prepared from factory
Large heavy duty box way construction
Full enclosure with roof
Hob presetting device for trueing up tools outside the machine
Full Conversational Programming

Optional Accessories
2 or 4 Position Ringloader with or without magazine
Standard Deburring Attachment
Debur and Chamfer Attachment (Only with 4 position ringloader)
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