Fellows FS400-125

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CNC Gear Shaper


Manufacturer: Fellows

Model: FS400-125


Mechanical Specifications:

Number of CNC controlled axes- 5

Number of CNC controlled spindles- 1

Pitch rating- 3.50 DP 7.257143 Mod

Maximum workpiece diameter- 400.000 mm 15.74803 in

Maximum axial travel- 170.000 mm 6.692913 in

Worktable diameter- 526.000 mm 20.70866 in 

Table bore diameter- 190.000 mm 7.480315 in 

Maximum facewidth- 127.000 mm 5 in

Maximum radial center distance- 370.000 mm 14.56693 in

Minimum radial center distance- -10.000 mm -0.3937 in

Stroking speed range- 20 to 800 RPM

Spindle Power- Hydraulic

Rapid traverse radial- 2000.000 mm/min 78.74016 in/min

Machine Weight- 18500 lbs 8392 kg

Plant power- 460 VAC 60 Hz

Length- 3700.000 mm 145.6693 in

Width- 2100.000 mm 82.67717 in

Height (No riser)- 2300.000 mm 90.55118 in


Fellows Hyperloop CNC

Base Software

Conversational based platform

Up to four sequential surfaces

Inch / Metric switchable

Internal or external cycles

Multiple program storage and retrieval

Orientation of cutter and workpiece

Plunge or spiral infeed cycle

Programmable cutter offset

Programmable dwell

Programmable rotary rates

Programmable stroking speeds

Tool offsets for quick size changes

Machine Includes

Side mount coolant tank

Side discharge chip conveyor

Two copies of the operations manuals

Two copies of the maintenance documentation

30 Day return warranty on the machine

The aforementioned description and listing of specifications and accessory equipment is correct and accurate to the best of our knowledge.  However, it should not be considered binding in any regard, as we reserve the right to change and/or alter same without prior notice. Consequently the buyer is responsible for confirming same, upon physical inspection and inventory of the machine(s) and all related accessory equipment.