Barber Colman 16-56

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Manufacturer Barber Colman

Model 16-56

Serial Number 4380 

Year of manufacture - 1971



Mechanical Specifications

Pitch rating  (Ideal Conditions): 6 DP 4.233333 Mod

Maximum workpiece diameter: 16.000 in 406.4 mm

Maximum face width: 13.000 in 330.2 mm

Maximum radial center distance: 9.500 in 241.3 mm

Minimum radial center distance: 1.250 in 31.75 mm

Maximum axial travel: 15.000 in 381 mm

Maximum distance table face to tail center: 80.000 in 2032 mm

Maximum distance table face to C/L of hob: 59.500 in 1511.3 mm

Minimum distance table face to C/L of hob: 3.500 in 88.9 mm

Worktable diameter: 7.250 in 184.15 mm

Workhead spindle bore: 4.188 in 106.3625 mm

Index worm gear diameter: 12.700 in 322.58 mm

Worktable: Starts 2 Threads    


Maximum hob diameter: 5.000 in 127 mm

Maximum hob length: 5.000 in 127 mm

Maximum hob shift travel: 3.500 in 88.9 mm


Maximum number of teeth: 300 Teeth    

Minimum number of teeth: 5 Teeth    


Maximum swivel angle: -45 deg 45 deg


Length: 129.250 in 3282.95 mm

Width: 31.875 in 809.625 mm

Height: 72.500 in 1841.5 mm

Main Motor Power: 2 HP 1.5 kW


Machine Weight: 9300 lbs 4218 kg

Plant power: 480 VAC 60 Hz



Air operated tail center

Automatic hob shift

Extended rear overarm with tailstock

Double Thread Index Worm (Standard Accuracy)



Relay Logic


Optional Machine Recertification Program – ASK FOR DETAILS

All broken electrical wires and cables will be repaired

All cycles will be tested and verified as fully functional

All defective controls will be replaced or repaired

All defective sensors will be replaced

All features will be tested and verified as fully functional

All filters will be changed

All worn hoses will be replaced

Coolant system checked for problems

Coolant tank and chip collection system cleaned

Hob head will be checked for problems

Hydraulic system drained and cleaned

Machine will be thoroughly cleaned

Ways and gibs checked for problems

Work table drive system checked for problems


Machine Includes

Integral coolant tank, no conveyor

No hob arbor. (One can be quoted additionally)

Assortment of change gears

Two copies of the operations manuals

Two copies of the maintenance documentation

30 Day return warranty on the machine


The aforementioned description and listing of specifications and accessory equipment is correct and accurate to the best of our knowledge.  However, it should not be considered binding in any regard, as we reserve the right to change and/or alter same without prior notice. Consequently the buyer is responsible for confirming same, upon physical inspection and inventory of the machine(s) and all related accessory equipment.